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As a discerning, experienced traveler, you want more from your African experience than a safari. You want the experience of a lifetime - an Ntaba African Safari.

We Don't Send You to Africa. We Take You There.


We stay familiar with safari lodges, hotels, inter-Africa airlines, sightseeing and all aspects of your tour and travel. 


The long-standing and personal relationships with on-site travel operators and community organizations ensure a care-free, hassle-free experience.


Long-term relationships with the best providers translate to preferred costs and unique arrangements that make this premier experience an incredible value.

Ntaba African Safaris

An African safari is on everyone's bucket list. With so many ways to go how can you be sure the tour you choose will deliver the most memorable experience?

No one does it better than Ntaba African Safaris because no one knows southern and east Africa like Ntaba African Safaris. Owners, Robin and Stella Mountain, are 5th generation South Africans. Whether you book a scheduled tour or ask to customize a private tour for your special event, your Ntaba African safari promises the ultimate in luxury and a uniquely compelling and personal experience, a truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


"An experience of a lifetime" -- Mike Edic