As a family personally acquainted with Celiac, Crohn's, Micro Colitis, and Lupus, we intimately understand the initial shock that comes with receiving a diagnosis. We know that this moment marks a significant turning point, one that necessitates adjustments to our lifestyle.

However, in the face of these challenges, we find the strength to forge ahead and establish a new sense of normalcy. For us, family vacations and the cherished memories they create take on an even greater significance. We frequently embark on journeys together, and in doing so, we gain a profound appreciation for the extra efforts and considerations that go into ensuring a carefree and worry-free experience.

We are united by the determination to relish these moments, making lasting memories that transcend the constraints of health challenges. We stand with you, empathizing with the journey you undertake to savor life's adventures, and we believe in the importance of these shared experiences.

Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed to be perfect but we do understand how important / urgent your requests can be. Please let us know what your… allergies, special needs, and requirements are. We will go above and beyond to be an advocate for you. - Gayle Zielke President of First Choice Travel & Cruise