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PIONEER TRAVEL, LLC wraps it’s entire philosophy around your success.

One call to a dedicated PIONEER TRAVEL corporate specialist allows you to focus on the big picture – your own success and the success of your company.

Supplier relationships put a bang in your bottom line-

PIONEER TRAVEL corporate services offers supplier contracting for air, cars, hotels and groups.

More confidence that your travel plans are specific to your goals and within your company’s established guidelines to help put a bang in your bottom line.

Relationships Save-

Always Forward!  We’ve got your back!

Mike and Pioneer Travel are constantly networking with our suppliers to make sure your travel plans are the way they should be.   We are up to date with our suppliers on the most recent products and procedures.  We negotiate the best rates for our clients through our preferred suppliers.


After Hours Services-

When you need assistance after hours, we have help for you, 24/7!   Just call our after hours service*, and let them help you with what you need!  We also have direct numbers for travelers who are out of the country as well and cannot dial an 800#.

So when that late connection has left you stranded or your meeting has been cancelled and you’ve got to get back home, we’ve got your back at any time 24/7.

1-800-823-3370 – Pioneer Travel After Hours Service*!!

*- A small service fee is charged for all calls to the after hours service.



We offer Concur


Trusted Traveler Programs Comparison Chart


Everything You Need to Know About Global Entry and TSA PreCheck


Visas & Passports Requirements



Everything You Need to Know About Passports!

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Need a Passport Renewal QUICKLY??




Passenger/Air Passenger rights

Learn About Your Destination






Global Entry


Travel to European Countries in the Schengen Area


Factsheet: What is Schengen?


Renew Early:   Passports Expiring Within Six Months May Disrupt Travel

Traveler Tracking: Where Are Your Travelers Right Now?

Where are your business travelers?   Does the internet tell you in a matter of minutes, where your travelers are in case of an emergency? Booking with a corporate travel agent, allows you to know where your employees are, and have an answer in a matter of minutes where your travelers are.