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Embark on a world of discovery via a luxurious cruise! It's the perfect blend of sightseeing and indulgence. Navigate through the tapestry of global waters while you revel in exclusive amenities, curated events, and exceptional experiences - all set against the backdrop of stunning destinations. Be it the vibrant locales of Europe, the sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean, or a grand World Cruise, your dream vacation morphs into reality aboard our cruise.


We unfurl a wealth of information about the vessels, bespoke services, and specially curated benefits tailor-made for our valued guests. Our partnerships with notable suppliers effortlessly transport you across the world, one cruise at a time! Explore away. Connect with one of our seasoned Magic Planners or reach out to us via call to elevate your travel plans!


At Vacation With The Magic, LLC, our cruise planning expertise is distinguished by a deep and nuanced understanding of the cruise industry, bolstered by our active membership and bonding with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). This affiliation underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of cruise planning and customer service, ensuring we are always aligned with the best practices and latest trends in the cruising world.

We specialize in:

⚓Personalized Cruise Planning: Understanding that each client has unique vacation desires and requirements, we meticulously design cruise experiences that align with individual preferences and dreams. From selecting the perfect cruise line and ship to choosing the ideal itinerary and onboard activities, our magic planners ensure every detail is considered.

⚓Accessible Cruising Expertise: Led by Gordon LaGrow, a renowned expert on accessible travel, our agency stands out for its ability to plan and execute accessible cruise vacations. Our firsthand knowledge of cruise ship accessibility, along with our advocacy for disability rights, positions us to create inclusive cruise experiences for travelers with disabilities.

⚓Comprehensive Knowledge of Cruise Lines: Our affiliation with CLIA, coupled with our extensive travel industry experience, equips us with in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of cruise lines. Whether our clients are seeking adventure on the high seas with mainstream cruise lines, intimate river cruises, or luxurious expeditions, we offer expert advice on the best options that cater to their tastes and budget.

⚓Exceptional Client Service: We pride ourselves on going beyond the traditional role of a travel agency. Our client-centric approach involves deeply engaging with each traveler to understand their visions and concerns, ensuring a cruise vacation that is seamlessly planned from start to finish.

⚓Constant Learning and Improvement: As part of the CLIA community, our team participates in ongoing education and training opportunities, ensuring we remain at the forefront of cruise planning expertise. Our dedication to learning about the latest industry innovations allows us to offer the most current and exciting cruise options to our clients.

Vacation With The Magic, LLC’s cruise planning expertise, marked by our CLIA affiliation and our unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction, makes us an exemplary choice for discerning travelers looking to embark on unforgettable cruise journeys.

Our team of Magic Planners exemplifies exceptional service, knowledge, and passion in cruise vacation planning. We leverage our status with CLIA to stay informed and educated on all aspects of the cruise experience, from the newest ships and itineraries to the most intimate and luxurious cruising options. This allows us to craft tailor-made cruise vacations that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.



Cruisetour: A cruisetour combines the luxurious ease of cruising with an immersive land tour experience, offering the best of both worlds. It's an exceptional vacation choice for those who seek to explore beyond the coastlines, deep into the interiors of breathtaking destinations. Typically, a cruisetour includes a standard ocean voyage coupled with extended stays in key locations, guided tours, and exclusive land-based excursions, providing a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of regions such as Alaska, Europe, or Asia.

Ocean Cruise: Ocean cruises are the epitome of classic cruising, embarking on journeys across the high seas to connect continents, cultures, and spectacular coastal cities. These voyages are characterized by their large, sophisticated ships equipped with a myriad of amenities, from fine dining and entertainment to wellness and leisure activities. Ocean cruises offer a vast selection of itineraries covering global destinations, making it ideal for travelers looking to experience the grandeur and diversity of the world's oceans and coastlines.

River Cruise: River cruises provide an intimate, serene cruising experience along the world’s most scenic waterways. These cruises are known for their smaller, more navigable ships that dock in the heart of historic cities, quaint villages, and untouched landscapes. With a focus on cultural immersion, river cruises offer guests the opportunity to engage deeply with local traditions, culinary experiences, and history. They are perfect for those seeking a peaceful, enriching travel experience through regions such as Europe’s Danube or Rhine, Southeast Asia’s Mekong, or Egypt’s Nile.

Small Ship/Yachts: Offering an exclusive and personalized experience, small ship and yacht cruises prioritize intimacy, luxury, and access to secluded destinations larger ships can't reach. These voyages cater to a limited number of passengers, creating a private, club-like atmosphere. With their ability to navigate closer to shore and dock in smaller ports, guests can enjoy unique itineraries, exotic locations, and immersive shore excursions often tailored to personal interests, from wildlife adventures to cultural explorations.

Transatlantic: A transatlantic cruise is a magnificent voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, connecting continents in a journey steeped in tradition and romance. These crossings, which can be between Europe and North America or vice-versa, evoke the golden age of cruising, offering days at sea filled with relaxation, entertainment, and the endless horizon. Transatlantic cruises are ideal for those who relish the journey as much as the destination, providing ample time to enjoy onboard amenities and the timeless elegance of ocean travel.

World Cruise: Embarking on a world cruise is to set out on the ultimate voyage of discovery, circumnavigating the globe to explore the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations in one extended journey. These epic cruises, which can last from several months to over a year, are designed for the most adventurous travelers, offering a deeper, more comprehensive exploration of multiple continents, cultures, and natural wonders. World cruises deliver an unparalleled, life-changing experience, enveloping guests in luxury and unparalleled service as they weave through diverse landscapes and vibrant cities across the planet.

Each cruise type offers its own unique set of experiences, catering to the varied tastes and preferences of travelers seeking to explore the world in style and comfort.

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Offer Image
Song of Polynesia
18 Nights Starting At $3,799.00
From Oceania Cruises
Available 10/15/2025 - 11/2/2025
Buccaneer Cove, Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Special Voyage: Roundtrip from San Cristóbal
14 Nights Starting At $16,200.00
From Silversea Cruises
Available 9/21/2024 - 10/5/2024
Norwegian Viva
Transatlantic: Spain & Morocco
16 Nights Starting At $1,599.00
From Norwegian Cruise Line
Available 11/29/2024 - 12/15/2024
Celebrity Xcel Sale 2024
Book Now and Save on 2025 Caribbean Sailings Onboard Celebrity's New Ship
From Celebrity Cruises
Available 6/21/2024 - 5/7/2026
Eclipse Exterior
Bermuda & Portugal Transatlantic
12 Nights Starting At $555.50
From Celebrity Cruises
Available 3/22/2025 - 4/3/2025
Symphony of the Seas Aerial
Bahamas & Perfect Day Cruise
7 Nights Starting At $619.00
From Royal Caribbean International
Available 9/8/2024 - 9/15/2024
Aerial Harmony of the Seas
Western Caribbean & Perfect Day
8 Nights Starting At $999.00
From Royal Caribbean International
Available 8/17/2024 - 8/25/2024