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To provide the best type of travel service that you desire and DESERVE.

We pride ourselves in our customer service. We know that you can purchase your travel through anyone, but what sets PIONEER TRAVEL apart, is the personalized service you will receive with every booking. We want YOU to want to come back and use us again and again. If we provide a poor product or service to you, we know you will go elsewhere. We want you to stay with PIONEER TRAVEL, and refer all your friends to us as well.

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Why do you book online instead of using a travel agent???

Do you find deals on the internet too good to be true? You might want to read all the fine print first!!!  I might be too good to be true!

Do you compare VALUE versus BEST PRICE???

Do you wonder how travel agents get paid?  

  • Depending on the type of package, the vendors pay us and sometimes we have to charge service fees.

When you spend that kind of money on a vacation, don't you want to know there would be NO surprises??  

  • Treat your vacation like an investment!!
  • Pioneer Travel has great suppliers and is constantly networking with them for the best deals and specials.   We have contacts to go to in case something goes wrong on your vacation.  We fight FOR you with our suppliers to get you the best value!

What type of a vacation do you want?   Laying on the beach?   Or constantly on the go checking out the sights?  

  • We can make either of them happen for you!

If you're on a trip, and something isn't right, who are you going to call if you booked it online??

Do you enjoy researching your trips online?  

  • That's GREAT!!   Find what you like, and we can finish it for you, to make sure you get the best vacation value!!


Why book online as a novice, when you can use a travel professional?   “It’s a bit like a first-year med student who sees someone with a cold and diagnoses them with tuberculosis.  Online sites have changed the mindset of the client. They have more information, but they’re not necessarily more knowledgeable.” - Jason Merrithew, vice president of the Toronto-based Merit Travel Group, a Signature agency.


We work with referrals and that is how we build our business!   If you liked our services, please feel free to share our information with all your family and friends!!!