Grand Canyon Rafting Tour


Book your RAFTING TRIP May-September

Create your own group or book individually!!
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Reserve up to one year in advance…very limited space!

Limited spots available for 2023 and now booking for 2024

All inclusive – all you bring is your personal gear. Your 4 day rafting tour (7 day is also available!)
includes an overnight stay at Bar 10 Ranch on the Grand Canyon rim complete with horsebackriding and cowboy
entertainment. Includes: private plane from Las Vegas to the Northern Rim, horseback riding, skeet shooting,
spectacular helicopter ride down to the Colorado River, speed boat tour on the final leg of your rafting tour,
all meals, snacks and transfers!!

Cost: from $2,095 pp plus park fee** and taxes; $500pp deposit ($500 non refundable)
**prices subject to change, please contact GW to verify

**Grand Canyon Permits sell out ONE YEAR in advance…your deposit will secure your permit so plan NOW!

Total 28 people per trip (14 per boat!)
Please read details on arrival and departure. GW will help arrange pre and post trip details as requested.

Day 1: Las Vegas to Bar 10 Ranch

Meet in Las Vegas at 10:15 AM in the lobby of The Las Vegas Marriott, 325 Convention Center Drive. A motor coach will take you to the Boulder Terminal. Begin your Grand Canyon tour with a beautiful flight to the Bar 10 Ranch. Before you start your three-day Grand Canyon river rafting tour, you’ll enjoy an overnight stay at the Bar 10 Ranch, a working cattle ranch perched high on a plateau above the Colorado River. Your transition from civilization to wilderness includes horseback trail rides, horseshoes, ping pong, skeet shooting, dinner and evening entertainment before settling into bed in the lodge, outdoors in a covered wagon, or outside on a spacious deck.

Days 3: Grand Canyon

Our J-Rig rafts enter awesome Lower Granite Gorge with a series of moderate rapids including Granite Spring, Diamond Creek and Travertine. We take some time to hike, explore and play at Travertine Grotto, a fantastic series of hidden waterfalls and pools. Run the biggest rapids of your Grand Canyon river rafting trip, the “230’s.” After your day of adventure, you’ll savor Western’s delicious dinners at the river’s edge and appreciate the unforgettable experience of sleeping under the stars.

Day 4: Grand Canyon to Las Vegas

As you near Lake Mead, the river calms and the canyon widens. Savor your final morning in Grand Canyon as you head down river and across Lake Mead to where a shuttle will return you to Las Vegas. You will travel by way of the recently completed Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge with views of the Hoover Dam.


Western River Expeditions’ 4-Day Grand Canyon Tour covers 100 miles of the Colorado River.

Your helicopter will land at Whitmore Wash, just below Lava Falls (Mile 188 on the Colorado River). From here, you’ll raft all the way to Lake Mead, experiencing some exciting rapids, spectacular scenery and other locations accessible only by raft.

Before you begin your three day rafting tour in the Grand Canyon, enjoy an overnight stay at Bar 10 Ranch on the rim of Grand Canyon complete with horseback riding and cowboy entertainment. After your ranch stay, you’ll experience a spectacular helicopter ride down to the Colorado River. On this section of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River’s famous whitewater, though still exciting, is a bit tamer and the scenery is astounding. Massive sandstone cliffs tower in every direction. Hidden waterfalls and pools carve their way down to the river. Wildlife is abundant, with frequent sightings of elusive Blue Heron, soaring hawks, and majestic Big Horn sheep. At night, the walls unveil a heaven of innumerable stars overlooking the Grand Canyon. To top it all off, Western’s 4-day Grand Canyon rafting tours feature easy access from Las Vegas, Nevada. Join Western River Expeditions on an incredible and unforgettable Grand Canyon rafting tour.

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