Experience, Live, and Tour Italy

ITALY is always a very popular destination and has been for years.  You do not have to be Italian (like some of us are) to enjoy everything Italy has to offer. We have been to Italy quite a few times and everyone is always ready to go back! 
Rome or Roma is AMAZING with so much history and so many great cathedrals and monuments....you just have to go there a couple of times.  We don't ever mind going back to some of our favorite Italian spots and it is always nice to visit the small little towns like Cefalu, Sorrento, Positano to all over Sicily. Florence and Tuscany is not to be missed for everyone alive!!!  So beautiful, authentic and fun.  We loved the homemade meatball pizza, sightseeing, wineries, cooking classes and the shopping too! 

Visit the ancient ruins of Rome and the fascinating sculptures in Florence to the scenic Amalfi Coast and stunning coastline along the small Cinque Terre villages, Italy makes vacation dreams come true. Taste mouth-watering cuisine in Tuscany; step back in history in Pompeii and at Sicily's ancient Greek structures; shop in Milan's famous fashion district; and savor the beauty of Lake Maggiore.

In addition to the must-see sights—like the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, and Roman Forum in Rome; Michelangelo's David in Florence; St. Mark's Basilica in Venice; St. Francis' Basilica in Assisi; and Pisa's Leaning Tower—Globus tours to Italy include experiences you won't get anywhere else. Enjoy a romantic gondola serenade in Venice; savor a parmesan cheese tasting in Parma and a balsamic vinegar tasting in Modena; visit the Holy Stairs in Rome; and much more. 

"THANK YOU!!  We had a great time in Italy!!  We were up and at ‘em early every day, but we covered a lot of territory, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!!  Especially glad you recommended going a day early and staying the extra day….next time, maybe a couple more days????

The paintings and architecture did NOT disappoint and I was in awe often. Easter with the Pope was the icing on the cake…the popemobile sighting was phenomenal.  He celebrated Stations of the Cross at the Colloseum on Good Friday…it was so cool to watch that on TV and knew exactly where he was because we had just been there a few days earlier.


Each stop provided more learning and experiences…from shopping, to eating, and photo ops, as you could tell by my posts.  I have soooo many pictures to sort through.


Thank you again for the wonderful memories!!