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Winston's Wishes


Beginning in 2014, Winston's Wishes worked with local non-profits for 3 years to raise much-needed funds & awareness for homeless dogs. Despite not having a facility, they consistently received pleas to help dogs who were in need of extra assistance. Many of these were for dogs who were not doing well in the shelter environment and had become shut-down. Deciding they could and had to do more, Jake and Caitie started fundraising in 2017 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the goal of building a brick and mortar sanctuary, along with a network of foster homes.

Jake Schneider

Caitie Peterson

Amila Rizvic
Executive Director


What started as a dream has now become a reality — we have officially finished our 5+ acre sanctuary that boasts a nearly 11,000 sq. ft. play yard and 4 “Doggie Condos,” equipped with large windows overlooking the countryside, dimming lights, sound eliminating panels, and cameras so we can keep an eye on the pups even when we’re not there. When a new dog becomes a member of the Winston’s Wishes family, they get to decompress at our Sanctuary before heading to their new home, be it foster or forever.

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(Carole Burns, Independent Contractor)


I met Jake Schneider when we worked together at a local hotel. We would talk about many things during our breaks and one commonality we had was our love for animals. Jake told me all about Winston and the number of animals in shelters that needed help. I always tried to help, but my small amount was only a small drop in the bucket of what Jake really needed to make his dream a reality.

When I became a part of Pioneer Travel, LLC, and saw all the great things Mike was doing for the community I knew I had the answer I was looking for, and with my dog, Lyra, being my unofficial mascott (TrvlPooch) it only made sense that I support Winston's Wishes.

So with every vacation, business meeting, or event scheduled through my independent account (TrvlNerd) I will give back a portion to Jake, Winston and the other pups needing help.

This decision was TrvlPooch approved!