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3 Days Baja Mexico from Los Angeles, CA
Roundtrip from Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA
from $309.00 (USD)
Per Person
+ $98.00 taxes/fees
Nights: 3
Price Per Night:$103.00 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA, Fun Day At Sea, Ensenada, Mexico, Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA
If you could design your dream vacation, what would it look like? A little sun, a little sea… but a lot of fun, right? On Carnival Imagination, this is your reality. Nothing brings the family together like the time-honored tradition of food and fun, and there’s plenty of that to go around on Carnival Imagination. Oh, also: mini-golf. You can never play too many rounds of mini-golf, especially at sea.
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4 Night Bahamas & Perfect Day Cruise
Roundtrip from Miami, Florida
from $207.50 (USD)
Per Person
+ $106.68 taxes/fees
Nights: 4
Price Per Night:$51.88 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: Miami, Florida, Nassau, Bahamas, Perfect Day Cococay, Bahamas, Cruising, Miami, Florida
Whether it’s "welcome to the neighborhood," or "welcome back," there are no tourists onboard Navigator of the Seas®. You’ll always feel like a local, no matter how far you wander. And that goes for the pub or the pool deck, Curacao or the Canary Islands.
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Cat: J3
from $4,103.00 (USD)
Per Person
Nights: 9
Ship: Daphne
Price Per Night:$455.89 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Itinerary: Quito, Isla Santa Cruz, North Seymour - Bartolome, Isla Santiago, Isla Isabela - Isla Fernandina, Isla Isabela, Isla Santa Cruz, Isla Baltra - Quito, Quito
When it comes to encountering wildlife up close and personal, a voyage to the Galapagos Islands really is an experience like no other. Head underwater off Isla Santa Cruz, Bartolome or Isla Isabela and you'll be snorkelling with sea lions, white-tipped reef sharks, sea turtles and penguins. Look to the skies in North Seymour or Cerro Dragon and you'll spot frigatebirds, boobies, pelicans and more soaring above. Head out for a wander across the volcanic landscapes of Punta Espinosa and you'll see land iguanas and flightless cormorants. This 10-day sailing expedition through the central islands of the Galapagos is an adventure waiting to happen.