Customer Service

Turner Travel & Tours, Inc. is owned and operated by Kathy Turner, a 30 year veteran of the travel industry.  Along with fellow independent agents, Karen Glenn and Teresa Pauline we pride ourselves in providing the level of service normally reserved for elite travelers.


Why Use A Travel Agent

If you are booking your vacation online you are paying for the services of a travel professional whether you use one or not.  Websites such as Expedia and Travelocity are online travel agencies.  They are being paid a commission by cruise lines and tour operators just like Turner Travel & Tours.  The difference is Turner Travel & Tours will offer first hand knowledge of your destination and if you encounter a problem you can call us to assist.  If you wouldn't rely on the internet for legal or medical advise then why trust the internet with your precious vacation time.  Contact one of our experienced Luxury Travel Consultants when your plans call for travel.  


Contact Information:



Kathy Turner - 407-885-9800 - kturner@turner-travel.com

Karen Glenn - 740-833-6269 - kglenn@turner-travel.com

Teresa Pauline 304-546-2395, tpauline@turner-travel.com