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My name is John Bishop.  I love planning your travel. Travel courses through my veins- my grandfather owned a travel agency in St. Augustine, Florida- Rainbow Travel.  I vividly remember stories of his adventures in the golden, Howard Hughes era of exploration.  I saw photos as well, my grandfather in far away places I had only read about in schoolbooks.  Pyramids.  Ruins.  Forests.  Mountains.  I knew that travel was the key to a life fulfilled.



Your life.  Fulfilled. 


You will breathe new air.  You will witness the wonders of the world, up close, and touch them. Feel the cool grey stone in Macchu Pichu,  the chilled, crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas, the acrid steam from the gurgling mud in Yellowstone.  Absorb the chants and prayers of Buddhist monks in Myanmar.  You will ring that gong. 


Itching to go?  I’m itching to show you how.  In my 21 years planning travel, I have helped hundreds of couples, families, corporate groups, and singles fulfill their travel dreams, scratch destinations off of their bucket lists.  You are busy with your own business; haven’t got time to figure out how to make travel dreams come true. Schedule an Adventure Planning Session with me today and I will usher you into a life fulfilled!