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Take Better Travel Photos

Photographic Storytelling keeps us connected. It creates community, ends isolation, fills in the gaps that divide us, and ensures that no one misses any of those precious moments.

What happens to your photos after you travel?


How do you bring friends and family along on your life’s journey … even if you can’t be together physically?


Are you a Travel Loving Photographer who wants to share your art, passion, and life with a wider audience?


Photos are powerful. Magical. Captivating. A single image can transport you to another world. Yet, they are just a part of the picture. The real magic comes when you tell the story behind the photo.


Stories can stimulate your senses. They dance in your imagination and conduct a symphony of the mind. When you combine a compelling written narrative with powerful photography, the world stops and takes notice.


Let a National Geographic Storyteller show you how to:


  • Fuse words and images to share the stories behind your favorite photos.

  • Stand out in a busy, distracted social media crowd.

  • Upgrade your photo skills with easy composition and editing tips.

  • Use whimsical wordplay to write captivating narratives.

  • Finally do something with all your old photos and stories.


Take this 6-week online course to learn how to capture the amazing stories that accompany your photographs, whether you’re taking them abroad or in your very own backyard.

I want to take better photos!